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février 14, 2020

Top 10 Exciting Tech Trends (In Fashion) for 2020

The influence of technology is undeniable in our daily lives.Actually, there is no business domain which has not been influenced by technology and that includes the fashion industry as well.Numerous famous brands are relying on technology to advance in their field.Consequently, the development of custom software forthefashion industryhas become one of the latest trends.For instance, these mobile applications and websites help designers in establishing a presence for their brands.

Our brilliant researchers and writers at OmegaMode Fashions present to you the top 10 exciting tech trends for 2020 in the fashion industry:


1.Mobile Commerce for Fashion
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In modern times, smartphones have become the biggest companions of eCommerce.Through online shopping,theconsumer market can easily be reached where digital payments are quite common.Lately, shoppers have been preferring making online purchases. They believe thatit ismore convenient and takes less time. It is believed that in 2020, even more attention will be paid to the development of mobile applications to enhance sales.


2.Fashion Shows as Technology Events
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Fashion designers and brands have taken shifted their focus on fashion shows which have the potential of being a memorable spectacle forthetarget audience.Due to it, brands are relying on technology for creatingamemorable experience through tech gimmicks such as360-degree panorama and holographic projections.Technology serves to play an important role in making the whole event successful for the brand.


3.3D Printing Tools
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It would not be wrong to say thatthefashion industry is all about the feel and look of the garments and attire.Brands face the biggest challenge in online shopping in convincing customers to purchase a product without having them feel and touch the product.Actually, this is where 3D development comes into the play which enables virtual browsing.Retailers are capable of collecting data metrics which assist them in understanding consumer buying trends.


4.IoT for Fashion
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Among other tech trends,thefashion industry has also focused on the concept of IoT where seventy percent of retailers are integrating it into their business. After all, it serves to improve customer experience. For instance, apparel items will now have digital capabilities which improve communication between consumers and retailers.Retailers are able to personalize customer experience by relying on IoT driven products.


5.Multi-Channel Shopping
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The idea of customers trying several items before purchasing is considered quite important by retailers.Therefore, the idea of multi-channel shopping is presented to customers by providing them with several choices if they are searching for a product on an online platform.


6.Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
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In technology, both of these concepts seem to go hand in hand.Other than just giving a unique experience to users through VR, augmented reality offers a combination of product’s features with the surroundings of users.Actually, both of these concepts can assist retailers in offering a feel and look of a product and improving sales.This will serve to improve sales by offering the experience that customers have been lacking in traditional online shopping.


7.Geo-Fencing and Beacons for Fashion
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One of the most important tech trends for 2020 inthefashion industry is the use of geo-fencing and beacons.Basically, the primary aim of using technology in this industry is to offer more customized and unique experience to consumers.Beacons are tiny sensors which are available in retail stores which push content in smartphones by connecting to them.This serves to help fashion retailers in sending out commercial content to mobile devices of customers.


8.AI for Fashion
Shop Online Deals - Artificial Intelligence in Retail and Fashion- Data Mining Shopping AI - OmegaMode Fashions

For fashion products, software development is significantly reliant on the analysis and collection of customer data. This helps in understanding the likes and dislikes of customers.Artificial intelligence offers this capability to retailers on the basis of which customized content is offered to customers.Moreover, the analysis of such data enables retailers to offer customers what they really need.


9.Mobile Product Life-Cycle Management
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PLM is among the most important aspects which pertain to apparel and fashion industry.The last few years have actually witnessed PLM’s mobile version which has assisted in the management of logistics and operations for brands.The industry of fashion must move quickly while ensuring communication among stakeholders.


10.Mobile Enterprise Resource Management
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The fashion industry is benefiting greatly from mobile ERP applications which highlight expense reporting, KPI dashboards, and other significant information for keeping businesses running in a smooth manner.If we talk about procurement, vendor, and inventory management, a huge role is played by it in the fashion industry.Through mobile ERP, brands are able to handle their business management easily.

Overall, these are the top 10 tech trends for 2020 in the fashion industry. These trends have the potential of shaping the fashion industry and there are various brands which have already begun to focus on them.

Thanks for reading and happy shopping!



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