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About OmegaMode

Omega Modewas started by fitness and health-conscious husband and wife team Sal and Shelley from Nova Scotia, Canada. Sal has a passion for managing and running businesses having done so successfully with various ventures for over 15 years. Shelley has a background in managing retail stores and is gifted with an eye for style and "Mode". We work hard to connect with trusted and proven suppliers from around the world to get you the best products at the best prices while ensuring the best quality available on the market for those low low prices.

So unlike retailers which source their products from multiple suppliers/shippers/fulfilling centers/packagers/QA contractors, tacking on a massive markup during each of those steps, we deal with and source directly from the producers and manufacturers from all over the world (for example we have suppliers from Canada, Turkey, the United States, India, China, and Italy), passing on all the savings to you!

Our site is protected by industry-standard SSL Encryption, so rest easy when making your purchases. In addition we have a simple, no-hassle refund policy (60 days from purchase) and return policy (30 days from receiving your product) if you’re not happy with the purchase or products. 

Now offering FREE SHIPPING on products over $100.