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Shogun Sports Massage Ninja (Muscle Massage Gun)

  • Description:
  • SILENT, POWERFUL & EFFECTIVE: The MASSAGE  Gun is the best recovery tool for performance athletes, bodybuilders, physical therapists and everyone that is looking for a powerful and extremely effective percussion massager. The MASSAGE Gun  IS A QUIET RECOVERY TOOL (45DB) YOU WILL DEFINITELY FEEL THE BENEFITS that come with percussion massage, including: improved blood circulation reduction of muscle soreness, fatigue and chronic pain.
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE: The Shogun Sports Massage Ninja features 20 adjustable speeds ranging from 400-3200 strokes per minute unlocking ultimate flexibility to adjust the massage intensity to suit your needs. We have included 6 interchangeable attachments allowing you to swap them according to your needs and targeted muscle groups.
  • BENEFIT FROM PERCUSSION MASSAGE THERAPY: The Massage Gun will unlock all the benefits that come with Percussion therapy, including accelerating and enhancing the repair of muscle fibers by providing rapid bursts of pressure in concentrated, short-duration pulses deep into the tissues of the body. This enhances the flow of blood to different critical areas, allowing for pain relief and subsequently improving function and range of motion.
  • Features:
    Material: Composite Material
    Item Type: Massage & Relaxation
    Application: Body

Note: Please ensure that you select the correct type of plug so that it is compatible with your power outlet.